About The Bitcoin Banc

About the bitcoin banc

The Bitcoinbanc is a group of four professional forex traders who collectively discovered the lucrative world of BITCOIN trading in the past couple years. For the past 17 years (41 years combined experiences) we have traded our own investment portfolios.

In 2013, we started managing OPM (other people’s money) in exchange for a small percentage of total money under management. Fast forward to today – we apply this approach on a much broader scale and we have found tremendous success in the world of bitcoin trading.

We offer two forms of PASSIVE investment platforms for clients:

Like most tradable assets, the Bitcoin price moves with a certain predictability. We have been able to isolate certain technical patterns that offer up to 90% accuracy on our trades. Our Analysts and Traders monitor Bitcoin related assets for these opportunities and signals are generated to buy & sell. A robot can place these trades, or you can manually place them.

While the signals solution can be 100% automated, systematic and objective, our Managed Account solution relies on one of our four professional traders manually placing trades and then copying those trades instantaneously to your account with an exchange or trading platform. This is still 100% passive and automated from the clients’ standpoint, but the trades are initiated manually by our analysts rather than by a programmed robot / system. In other words, there is a human element involved which can be an advantage in unique market conditions.

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It is important to note that ALL of our trading solutions place trades in YOUR trading account. We will never have access to your funds, and you will be able to log in to your brokerage account anytime you wish, as usual.