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We analyze market conditions and place trades in YOUR account to generate consistent profits.

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It’s YOUR trading account, so you can log in and follow results in real time.

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We never touch your funds. Your funds are kept in your trading account 100% of the time.

How The Bitcoin Banc Works…

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What is the bitcoin banc?

The BitcoinBanc consists of 4 Bitcoin trading strategies and analytics patterns that cross-reference eachother to generate opportune trading patterns based on time, price and volatility of cryptocurrency markets. Our extremely capable and experienced analysts and traders can place trades in YOUR trading account, or can provide you with signals, analytics and trading patterns that allow you to do the same on your own. (see disclaimer)**

For the past 35 years we have traded gold, silver, platinum, and other forms of currency. More recently, we have evolved so common investors (like you) can reap the massive rewards available from Bitcoin trading. Without lifting a finger. Even while you sleep. (see disclaimer)**

Profitable Since 2013**

We have losing days. We have losing weeks. But our raw signals have been profitable every single month since inception in 2013.

Up to 10:1 Leverage

Depending on your trading platform, you may start with a small amount and may gain up to 10:1 leverage.

No Software. No Downloads.

We will work with your broker to copy our trades to your account. You do NOT need any software.


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The level of risk must be set before we place ANY trades on your behalf.